Blueberry Pie Bars

It’s summer!

Although I’m now working 40+ hours a week, I don’t have school work to tie me down. Therefore it’s a perfect time for me to get my food blog up and running.

To kick off this blog, I made blueberry pie bars. These were for a Fourth of July barbeque, so I wanted to go with a dessert that had some form of red, white, or blue. Blueberries are in season and fairly inexpensive, so going blue wasn’t a hard decision.


The recipe for these bars was provided by Averie Cooks. You can read the recipe there, so I won’t bore you with the details. Plus I’m sure she can explain how to make them better than I’ll ever be able to.

The blueberries I bought were super sweet, so I cut about half a cup of sugar from the recipe. This was the only modification I made to the recipe. I’m not into super sweet desserts, so as a general rule, I’ll only use 50-75% of the suggested amount of sugar.

Okay, onto the actual bars. They were amazing! The plump blueberries burst in the oven so the bars were perfectly moist. The juicy filling combined with the dry crumble and dense crust were a delectable combination of smooth and crunchy.

The one thing I would change is cut even more sugar. They were still fairly sweet, and I wouldn’t be able to have more than one small square.

I don’t think I had ever made a pie bar before this, but I have to say I’m completely sold. They were really easy to make, and contained all the deliciousness of pie, without the mess.


Yay, my first blog post! I just moved into my first apartment, and it’s been really weird cooking for myself. I’m not complaining though, having my own kitchen is wonderful.

My own kitchen (for now), the promise of funded baking sprees next year, and my roommate (who runs tlc, check it out and drool) have motivated me to start up my own food blog. I admit, this will be my third or fourth attempt at blogging, so hopefully I can keep this up.


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