[Week 3] Salted Caramel Apple Pie Bars

Meep meep. I’m super behind on posts. We’ve already hit the end of 6th week, and here I am going back to third week.

Sarah and I planned an apple picking trip the weekend before third week, so we decided that tea had to feature the apples we picked! In retrospect lugging three dozen apples back from Indiana probably wasn’t the *best* idea we’ve ever come up with, but hey, the apples were delicious.

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[O-Week] Aims of Education Reception!

Our next event wasn’t until Tuesday night, with the Aims of Education Reception. Every year, the first years attend the Aims of Education speech during O-Week. Since we’re the oldest dorm on campus, it’s tradition for the speaker to come back to our dorm and lead a discussion. For this event the RMAs always serve the super popular lemon squares!

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Blueberry Pie Bars

It’s summer!

Although I’m now working 40+ hours a week, I don’t have school work to tie me down. Therefore it’s a perfect time for me to get my food blog up and running.

To kick off this blog, I made blueberry pie bars. These were for a Fourth of July barbeque, so I wanted to go with a dessert that had some form of red, white, or blue. Blueberries are in season and fairly inexpensive, so going blue wasn’t a hard decision.


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