[Week 2] Scones

There were left over lemons.
We were lazy.
It was a scone week.

Since scones are one of the easier recipes, we made four different kinds: lemon raspberry, orange cranberry, chocolate chip, and raspberry chocolate chip.

Plate of Scones

I won’t bother boring you with my opinions on scones. They’re delicious, and we usually serve them with a side of whipped cream. We just made them two weeks ago, so it shouldn’t be anything new.


[Week 1] Double Glazed Lemon and Orange Poppyseed Tea Cake

Now that school has started up again, we’re back to doing teas every Friday afternoon. For the first week of tea, we served Double Glazed Lemon Poppyseed Tea Cake and Double Glazed Orange Poppyseed Tea Cake.
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